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How to prepare for class

Props needed for class

Every class requires a non slip surface, like a yoga mat to practice. And depending on the type of class you attend there may be other props that can assist you during class. Click on the class name for a list of recommended props.


How to attend online

We use Zoom to meet for public on-line classes.  A day or two before each class you're registered for, you'll receive a direct link in an email. When you're ready, use the link to log into class. Feel free to try the link early, to familiarize yourself with the process.  A Zoom account is not required, you only need to click the link I send you.

Setting up your camera


During online classes, if you'd like to listen to my yoga playlist, click the button to access it on Spotify. You're welcome to listen to you own music too (you'll be muted).


A few reminders

  • Yoga is safest when practiced with bare feet on a yoga mat. If your feet tend to sweat, slip or you prefer to wear socks, check out these yoga socks as a safer option.

  • Don't practice hungry. Eat a light snack, like a banana or apple if your stomach is empty. It's best to wait a couple of hours after a large meal.

  • If you tend to get thirsty, bring a closed top water bottle.

  • Wear comfortable clothing that you can easily move around in.

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