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Description of yoga classes

When deciding which yoga class to attend, the most important consideration is choosing a class that will allow you to feel comfortable and focused while in each pose. If you've never taken a yoga class or have a physical or mental impairment, please seek the advice of a medical practitioner before attending class. And always inform your instructor of any current or new conditions prior to each class.

Basic Level 2 & Restorative anchor

Yoga - Basics

This class is perfect for anyone new to yoga, returning to practice after an extended break or if you want a more fundamental class that won't over challenge you physically. 


Level 1-2 level class

This class is a good choice if you have a good understanding of the yoga poses and maintain a consistent yoga practice (at any level).  You should be able to practice at the level that's right for you. Detailed descriptions won't be given for each pose. Basic variations will be demonstrated with some variations for more experienced yogis. 


Restorative yoga class

We'll use supports like blankets and blocks to ease tension in the body and mind. This class is great for anyone wanting a slow and supportive class. Poses will be practiced on the floor. A list of props can be found here

Gentle flow, ball & meditaton anchor
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Gentle flow yoga class

A gentle series of yoga poses using supports like blocks as you move slowly from pose to pose. The primary focus is on vinyasa (linking the breath during movement) to ease tension in the body and mind. This class is great for anyone wanting a slow, flowing and supportive class. 


Yoga on the ball

Using an exercise ball as a yoga prop can allow for deeper relaxation in a variety of poses, from seated postures to back bends. This class is for all levels of practice. Variations will be given to offer greater support when needed.  An exercise ball and the ability to balance is required. If you are at higher risk of falling, start with a basic class.


Contemplative meditation

In this 1-hour class, we practice sitting on a chair or comfortably on the floor. This class will include a few seated yoga poses, various meditation techniques including focused gaze (trataka) meditation, breath (pranayama) practice, and guided mindfulness (shamatha) meditation.


Introduction to yoga

During an introduction to yoga class, you'll hear a brief history of yoga, what "yoga" means, an explanation of different styles of yoga and why we contemplate during class. You'll have an opportunity to ask questions, and depending on time, we'll finish class with  deep relaxation. 

Back Pain Treatment

Yoga for the back

During your lifetime, you'll probably experience back pain. Perhaps from a strain or overuse. Or perhaps related to poor posture.  In this class, you'll learn how to keep your back safe while practicing yoga. You'll be given poses you can practice anywhere to realign and strengthen the back.  (If you have chronic pain or injury, please consult a doctor before taking this class)

Intro, Yoga for the back
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