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In Yoga is a method of practicing yoga asana that was developed by Ginger Roth in 1995. The In Yoga method focuses primarily on integrating a meditative "inward" approach during the practice of asana. The practice requires observing the body, mind and emotions in each pose. The In Yoga method takes the approach that the physical body is able to go deeper into the postures and meditation when it is gently guided deeper not forced. This allows each body, in each pose, to develop more consciously and reduces the risk of injury in the practice. Each class begins with a contemplation, to remind us that our practice is a journey of self-discovery, both physically and mentally. Ginger's instruction ranges from gentle flowing postures to deeper physical challenges, keeping the focus of each practice on awareness of body, mind and heart. Instruction is given on proper alignment, movement and breath. Ginger teaches live streamed classes,  private classes for groups, corporations and individuals.

She also offers workshops to the public throughout the year.

About In Yoga

Ginger Roth was introduced to meditation in 1980. As a young girl she suffered from severe migraine headaches and used meditation techniques to help ease the discomfort.  When she began practicing yoga postures, she incorporated the two techniques to develop the In Yoga method of practice she teaches today. In the early '90's Ginger studied with the late Thomas Deldeo, her primary teacher. Thomas gave her a foundation in yoga based on respect, insight and compassion.  He encouraged approaching the practice of yoga by finding one's own truth in each pose. Ginger carries these traditions with her in her teaching methods today.


In 1995 after traveling the world for two years, practicing and studying yoga (bungee jumping and sky diving too!) Ginger returned home and founded In Yoga studio located in Marina del Rey, California. It was here that the In Yoga method of practice was first developed.


Ginger is a Yoga Alliance registered instructor with the highest designation of E-RYT 500. She has over 25,000 hours of teaching experience. Her knowledge includes working with people new to yoga as well as training teachers. In addition to teaching hundreds of group classes, over the past 25 years, she has hosted a number of yoga retreats, led workshops for teenage students, been a guest teacher for the Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation, Loyola Marymount University and Windward School in Los Angeles, California.  She has over 20 years of experience leading corporate yoga retreat programs, ongoing in house corporate yoga programs focusing on stress reduction and physical health and working privately with individuals who need greater support in the practice.

Ginger is a long time student of Pema Chodron and draws from several years of study with this remarkable teacher. From these lessons she has learned the art of incorporating precision, gentleness and letting go in the practice.


Ginger currently teaches live streamed public classes and private corporate group classes in Louisville, Colorado.  She resides in Broomfield with her husband Eric, their son Alex and a tiny dog named Coco.

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