WHAT TO BRING - most of these items are optional however they may help make your yoga practice more comfortable.

Blankets are needed for a gentle or full moon class:

  • yoga mat or non slip surface

  • yoga belt, long regular belt, jump rope, stretch band or old tie

  • 2 blocks 

  • 2-3 blankets firm blankets

  • For music, bring a music source or download Spotify to hear mine.

  • water bottle 

  • exercise ball (I am 5' 9" and use a 65cm ball, if you're 5' 4" or shorter get a 55 cm and if you're 6' or more 75cm.)  I'll notify you if a class requires a ball.



We'll be using Zoom for our yoga classes.  After you register your email address, you'll be sent a link each time a live stream class is offered. It's easiest to have the Zoom app loaded on your phone or Zoom available on your desk top, that way any required password is embedded in the link you receive. You can go here to get set up: Get Zoom



Your microphone will be open before class starts (make sure you have un-muted yourself) so we can interact.  Once class starts I'll mute your microphone and you'll hear only me. After class, if you'd like to talk with me, you'll need to un-mute yourself.



On your screen, look for a small video camera icon, make sure the red slash is not showing this way I'll be able to see your sweet face!


Ginger's yoga playlist is available on Spotify  You'll be sent a link to the playlist in your registration email.  Simply click on the "get music" button before class.  Or feel free to play your own music from your phone or other device. You won't disturb anyone because you'll be muted.


RECORDING: Please be aware our classes are recorded. This is  used to check audio/video and class structure. Any recordings that may be used for videos will not including you as a yoga participant.

If this is your first yoga class with In Yoga or it's been more than 8 years since you've practiced with us,  please complete an online release form.  If you've already completed the release form click here to sign up for class.

how to prepare for class